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Adrenaline BenchZone terms and conditions of use

The utilization of Adrenaline BenchZone is conditioned to acceptance of the rules and conditions below, created with the main objective of bringing an enjoyable place yet accessible from the beginner to the hardcore benchmarkers.

The results submitted by users from tests made using Adrenaline Benchmark Tools are registered on an online database, altogether with system and hardware configurations used during the test, under an account registered by the users and provided for free by Adrenaline. The results can be compared with other results from other community members, giving the users a quick way for check their computers\\\' performance, and also as a competition channel between community members just because all results submitted by them are ranked against each other that use the same benchmark/test and same configuration.

Some registered benchmarks results can give points to its respective owners based on the conquered rank position. The methodology is defined by Adrenaline and may be changed when necessary without previous notice. Periodically, Adrenaline and its partners can promote events with gifts to winners, with rules defined for each event. The acquired score during the events will always be separated from the global points. (may not be avaiable in all countries)

Conditions of Use

  • All results must be submitted using the tools provided by Adrenaline. Any attempt to forge results or submission of fake results can end with the banning of the involved users.
  • The tools provided by Adrenaline are for personal use, and despite all efforts of our team to create tools 100% free of errors, the tools are provided without any guarantee of operation. To know more about the terms of use of each tool, please verify the conditions of use during the program installation.
  • Any registered member can leave comments on other members submitted results, being the posting member the responsible for all content submitted. The moderation staff may remove contents considered inappropriate, offensive, racist, defamatory or that violates any international laws or agreements, and may also ban de user account depending on gravity and can report to  the competent authorities.
  • Adrenaline, its partners and the administration and moderation staff do not send e-mail messages asking about any personal data or passwords, if you receive any message with that purpose, please let us know and do not reply to the sender.
  • Adrenaline reserves the rights to change the Adrenaline BenchZone rules and conditions of use at its own discretion.

Always bear in mind: the participation on BenchZone is a privilege, not a right. Make use of common sense while submitting results and while posting comments on other members results, avoiding unnecessary discussions.

Happy benchmarking!