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Frequently Asked Questions

BenchZone | Crysis 2 | Racing

Question: How do I submit results to BenchZone?
Answer: After downloading and install the benchmark tool, login into your BenchZone account using the program\'s link "Connect to BenchZone", which can be found right below the tests queue. If you don\'t have an account yet, you\'ll need to sign up first and before running any benchmarks or you won\'t be able to submit them. While connected to BenchZone on the benchmark tool, make sure you checked the option "Ranked Mode", then add one or more tests to the tests queue and click on Start to begin the benchmark. After the tool finishes processing the entire queue, just click on "Submit results to BenchZone" button you\'ll find right below the results list. To see the published result on BenchZone website, right-click the desired item at results list then choose the option "View result" and check out your ranking position!

Question: What do I need to submit results to BenchZone?
Answer: You need:

  • An active BenchZone account (free registration)
  • Must be using the latest benchmark tool before running a test (see at bottom of program\'s window if there is an update available)
  • Must be logged in into BenchZone from the benchmark tool before running a test
  • Must check the Ranked mode option before running a test

Question: How do I compare results?
Answer: Whenever you\'re seeing a result list, click on an item, drag and drop it onto another result that you wanna compare to. A new page will show up displaying both tests, side by side, for easy comparison.

Question: Can I compare results from different tests and configurations?
Answer: Yes, the BenchZone system will highlight in red color all items that are not identical, making easy to spot the differences between different sets and configurations.

Question: Configuration settings? What is it?
Answer: Each submitted result is ranked against other tests using the same set of configurations, meaning by set the screen resolution, image quality, graphics API used and number of video cards.

Question: Cool, so give me some medals! How can I get them?
Answer: Each submitted result is classified against the other tests that use the same set, giving a score called Global Points (GP). The GP is the rank position inside every tests on same set, independent of the video card used. All rankings are sorted by the number of video cards used (or GPUs used, in case of multi-GPU/single video card like AMD HD 6990 or GTX 590), that way multi-GPU systems do not compete with single-GPU ones, leaving the competition more fair. The rankings are also classified by the video card used, so let\'s say a mid-range video card can also have its gold medal, even if its GP is way below compared to a high-end video card.

Question: Which medals can I win?
Answer: All tests are awarded for Global Points (GP) and Hardware Points (HP). The gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank positions, respectively, and only the best result is taken in account for an user inside the same set, and a given user can be awarded medals for both GP and HP.

Question: So once I get a medal, is it mine forever?
Answer: The medals change from user to user depending on ranking fluctuations due to better results being received, you are notified whenever somebody else beats your result, leaving you behind on the ranking... time to make some effort and conquer that medal back!

Question: But my GTS 450 will compete with an HD 6970?
Answer: On Global Points (GP), yes, but that isn\'t the only way to be awarded with medals, your GTS 450 will compete with another GTS 450 video cards on the same set and if you\'re the best, then you\'ll get the medal worthy for it!

Question: How do I use the "Follow" feature on BenchZone?
Answer: You can follow other community members, doing so BenchZone will let you up to date about their conquests, ranking fluctuation and other activities they are engaged to, keeping you always up to date of what\'s happening on BenchZone Community

Crysis 2

Question: I tried to run the Crysis 2 benchmark but the program stopped working. Now every time I launch the game, the benchmark is automatically initiated. How do I prevent the benchmark from starting so I can play the game again?
Asnwer: On build and earlier ones the benchmark tool may left a file named autoexec.cfg on game installation directory, causing the benchmark to be initiated whenever you launch the game. To enter the game again, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the game installation folder (i.e. C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesCrysis 2) and delete autoexec.cfg file. Starting at build the tool has better control over files that need to be changed by the benchmark tool in order to run the benchmarks, restoring changed files whenever possible, even if the application stops working unexpectedly.


Question: Why I can\'t select DirectX 9 on DiRT 3 tests?
Answer: The game has an issue with the test running in DX9 mode so we decided to remove that API option until the issue is sorted out.

Question: Why can\'t I choose some options while Ranked Mode is active/checked?
Answer: The Ranked mode locks some options so all tests can be executed in a standard way, avoiding variations that would make difficult the results comparison.


  • In order to be able to run a benchmark from any game, it\'s necessary to have the game\'s full version installed. The tool will not work with DEMO versions.
  • Latest game updates must be installed.
  • Latest video driver versions (recommended, not mandatory). Check out our DOWNLOADS section.
  • To submit Ranked Mode tests an account (free) on Adrenaline BenchZone is required.

Test options:

  • Some options are disabled when Ranked Mode is checked/active, if you want to make tests using all available options, just unckeck/deactivate ranked mode (you will not be able to submit tests to BenchZone)