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Adrenaline Racing Benchmark Tool

John Mautari
2.3 Mb

The Adrenaline Racing Benchmark Tool is a tool for benchmarking some of the coolest racing games on market, F1 2010, F1 2011, DiRT2, DiRT 3 and the just released DiRT Showdown and F1 2012, all games developed by Codemasters.

What makes it different from the integrated benchmark option found on those games, Adrenaline Racing Benchmark Tool gives a whole new set of options by allowing the user to choose tracks/scenarios, number of competitors, weather, API, and of course image quality level, screen resolution and anti-aliasing filter, all in an easy to use interface with the option to save tests\' queues. The tool also saves the used configurations as well.

The tool is the first one integrated to the BenchZone system, where you can share and compare your results against several other results of BenchZone users, using an exclusive ranking system classified by global result and by video card used.

See below the program main features and update logs.

Program main features:

- Choose from multiple tracks and different screen resolutions, anti-aliasing filters and quality settings.
- Put several tests to be executed in queue for more convenience with an easy to use interface.
- Save test queues that you are going to use more than once.
- Submit, share and compare your results with other users\'s results from all over the world at Adrenaline BenchZone.

Update logs: - 10/08/2012

- Fix for DiRT Showdown random error at benchmark finish
- Added monitor's refresh rate options for resolution selection - 09/26/2012

- Support for DiRT Showdown - 09/21/2012

- Fixed queue bug on some systems - 09/20/2012

- Support for F1 2012 - 07/03/2012

- Fix for correct clock readings on AMD 7000 cards
- Fix for avoid errors when internet connection is absent - 09/28/2011
- Fix for login problem due to domain change
- Added support for Formula 1 2011. - 08/17/2011
- Added support for patch 1.2
- Added DirectX 9 support for DiRT 3 - 07/15/2011
- Fix for AA 0x.
- Improved support for Steam version of F1 2010
- Added quality presets for BenchZone\'s Hall of Fame (Performance, Quality and Xtreme) - 06/20/2011
- Initial release with support for games DiRT 3, DiRT 2 and F1 2010.